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The main purpose of our program is to provide unique tools to reach a deeper into your mind and body, gain more freedom, find balance and happiness.

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21 Sessions Challenge Extended – Generating Awareness


Cultivating Awareness


This comprehensive course is designed to help you transform your mind and, in turn, enhance your life. In this initial module of two, we delve deep into the art of building a strong foundation of mental health through “awareness.” Without awareness, especially self-awareness, there is no solid starting point for working with your mind effectively. Moreover, cultivating awareness empowers us to live more in the present moment, become less reactive, and sharpen our focus and concentration in all aspects of life. By embracing awareness, we can reduce the grip of obsessive thinking and negative mental states that contribute to mental unhappiness and physical ailments.


Discover how to infuse more joy, confidence, health, and well-being into your life. You can complete this module in just 21 days or take your time if needed. It equips you with all the tools necessary to continue your journey independently. Each session includes an introductory audio talk, a PDF summary, and a meditation audio, offering you everything you need to progress at your own pace and nurture this beautiful state of mind.

What do these challenges involve?

  • 2 audios per day, one intro and one meditation 35-45 minutes
  • Written handouts with instructions
  • Support during your journey



What is the aim of this particular 21 day challenge?

This 21-day challenge is all about introducing meditation into your life. Whether you’re new to meditation or have some experience, this program covers the basics of meditation techniques, how to improve them, what you need mentally, common challenges, and how to overcome them.


Completing this challenge will provide you with the tools to start and continue meditating, something you can use throughout your life.


This program is also well-suited for yoga teachers who aspire to seamlessly
incorporate authentic meditation practices into their sessions


by The Experienced Teachers

Tenzin Josh

Tenzin Josh has been working in mental health for nearly 40 years. Originally in western psychology he then spent 15 years as a monk alongside the Dalai Lama and over 35 years studying and practicing within spiritual traditions. He has been specializing in mental health for cancer and chronic disease for over 5 years now much of that working alongside Dr Lodi within the Oasis of Healing internationally. He has helped to bring many cancer sufferers to complete healing and been an inspiration and guide to 100’s of cancer patients.

21 Sessions Road Map

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    This course have been such an eye-opener for me. I’ve thought I’ve been doing meditation for years now, I’ve done guided meditations at least once a day, but as enjoyable and comforting that is, it’s not meditation in this sense, to train the mind like this. This feels so different and refreshing! I’ve learned so much from your lessons and really enjoy these almost silent meditations. I’ve already decided to begin again when I’m finished with this course. I’m on day 13 and I’m so looking forward to the rest of the course.


    Thank you so much for these wonderful lessons!

    Torie Spanninger

    I just finished this course. I want to thank you for your insight and advice for building a successful, meaningful practice. The commitment to doing it through the day has been a challenge but you have helped me achieve this. Namaste Torie

    Session 1Why work with the mind and how to begin to do this? What mental states are we talking about?
    Session 2How to begin to develop our meditation.
    Session 3Dealing with our thoughts
    Session 4Working with the obstacles which harm our meditation practice.
    Session 5Developing awareness both within and outside formal meditation
    Session 6Learning how to be choicelessly aware
    Session 7What is mind, awareness or consciousness and how does it function?
    Session 8Learning other aspects of our mind and how they relate to our wellbeing
    Session 9Opening our meditation into the world
    Session 10Using the mind itself as our meditation object
    Session 11Deepening the mind as a meditation object
    Session 12Further cultivating awareness of our mind
    Session 13Extending our practice in length and quality
    Session 14Creating the mind body connection

    Get inspired for this gentle coaching to maintain your well-being.


    This course is suitable for both beginners looking to start their meditation journey and experienced meditators seeking to enhance their practice by exploring new meditation techniques.