We provide quality authentic workshops, events for guided meditation & retreat experiences hosted it in luxurious wellness resort, all Inclusive designed to align your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The main purpose of our program is to provide unique tools to reach a deeper into your mind and body, gain more freedom, find balance and happiness.

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Get inspired for this gentle mindful & awareness teaching to maintain your well-being.

This meditation retreat is aimed at couples or individuals seeking to explore or enhance their meditation practice. The event is being held at Ao Chalong Villa Resort and Spa (Andaman Wellness’ studio is on 2nd floor beach front)


Our experienced teacher will guide you to rediscover the source of energy that has been supporting you all along. By cultivating presence, you will recharge, unleash your creativity, and gain strength. By becoming aware of the present moment, you can gain a clearer perspective that transcends your thoughts and daydreams. This state of presence is what truly constitutes life. Often, we are lost in the matrix of our thoughts and are unaware of the reality that surrounds us.


For the dress code, there are no strict rules however we’d recommend for loose fitting clothes for comfort. Please feel free to bring your swimming suit should you like to spend relaxing afternoon by pool.


One Day Retreat’s schedule:

  • Registration & Welcome drink
  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Awareness (session 1)
  • Short break and stretching times
  • How to build mental muscle & Guided Meditation (Session 2)
  • Healthy lunch + relaxing times + self practise
  • Pranayama (breath-work)
  • Break & refreshment
  • Sound therapy session

Self-Reflections times

After indulging in a delicious and healthy lunch, you will have some free time to unwind and relax by the pool or continue your meditation practice.


During this time, you may choose to explore the retreat center’s surroundings, socialize with other participants, or simply rest and rejuvenate.We strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to give yourself the space and time to release any tension or stress and allow your body and mind to ease into a state of deep relaxation.

Discover the healing properties of Crystal Singing Bowls

Experience the transformative power of crystal singing bowls and their profound healing benefits. These bowls enhance your meditation practice by elevating your mindfulness and awareness, allowing you to recognize and shift negative thought patterns towards positivity. Positive affirmations harmonize and balance your body, mind, and soul by activating your physical, emotional, and energetic centers.


Through meditation with a crystal singing bowl, you can immerse yourself in its enchanting sound, which further facilitates healing by positively transforming your thought patterns. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the magnificent resonance of the singing bowl, where natural healing occurs effortlessly

Let go of stress and welcome wisdom


Our one day guided meditation sessions led by Tobi Warzinek from Phuket Meditation Center, who has been working as a spiritual guide and mentor since 2009. His journey started back in 2002 when he entered the Tibetan Buddhist monastery.


Our one-day meditation retreat will incorporate mindful practices and the Dharma (the ancient wisdom teachings of the Buddha)


In this first session our master will dive into three powerful key-points. With the first two sections you will learn all about the begin and the end of stress. How to reframe stress and gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.  Then we will show you how to breaking free from negative thoughts, be in the present moment and put these timeless teachings into practice.

Retreat’s Venue

Lan Sabai is an idyllic, sustainable health resort designed with your well-being in mind. The oasis that is Lan Sabai is also conveniently located to discover more of the island of Phuket The resort offers personalised wellness treatments, delicious local cuisine and a serene, natural environment. The perfect get-away-from-it all retreat where relaxation and self discovery is a priority.



Experience the power of meditation at our one-day retreat!

Join us and discover a comprehensive meditation technique, along with visualization, breathwork, and self-healing methods to help you create the life you want from the inside out. Our program will enhance your mental acuity, clarity, and concentration skills, empowering you to access deeper levels of insight and self-knowledge. With greater focus and inner stability, you’ll be able to unlock new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

by The Experienced Teachers

Tenzin Josh

The retreat will be conducted by Tenzin Josh, fully qualified psychologist and meditation teacher


Tenzin has trained for over 35 years including spending 15 years as a monk alongside HH Dalai Lama in India. His journey began as a psychologist in the west and continued through learning the wisdom of the east. As a monk, initially he was 3 years in meditation retreat in the mountains and then spent 12 years in the Dalai Lama’s monastery studying in depth up to PHD level. He is one of only a few westerners to have ever had this incredible privilege studying the traditional Tibetan language monastic curriculum. After this period and with the Dalai Lama’s instruction and blessings Tenzin decided he wanted to use his knowledge and experience to help others alleviate their suffering and achieve their best life possible. It is this mission which has set Tenzin on this path to help you find peace, happiness, and fulfilment through mental well-being.

Dao Sethi

Dao is a passionate yoga instructor with expertise in Yin, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga. She began her yoga journey in 2015 and has been dedicated to it ever since. Her commitment to deepening her practice led her to travel to India in 2018, where she completed her first yoga teacher training at Satyam Vedic Yoga School in Rishikesh.


In addition to teaching yoga, Dao is a spiritual coach specializing in crystal bowl therapy. Her teaching style centers around her students, and with experience instructing individuals of varying skill levels, she excels at tailoring her classes to help each student reach their personal goals.

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1 Day Andaman Wellness at Ao Chalong Villa

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    Retreat schedule

    08:30 - 09:00Registration & Welcome drink
    09:00 – 10:30Introduction to Mindfulness & Awareness (session 1)
    10:30 – 11:00Short break and stretching times
    11:00 – 12:00How to build mental muscle & Guided Meditation (Session 2)
    12:30 – 13:30Healthy lunch + relaxing times + self practise
    14:00 – 15:00Pranayama (breath-work)
    15:00 – 15:30Break & refreshment
    15:30 – 16:30Sound therapy session Departure

    How to get there

    Andaman Wellness

    Chalong, Muang, Phuket 83130



    About Chalong


    Chalong is an area in the southern part of Phuket, Thailand, known for its scenic beaches and diverse cultural attractions. It is a popular destination for tourists looking for a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences. Chalong Bay is a major hub for boating activities, offering visitors opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, and diving.


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    Mental wellbeing & Mindfulness retreat in Phuket July 2024

    Friday 19th July 2024 (09:00 - 16:30 PM)


    Price: 4,600 THB


    Get inspired for this gentle mindful & awareness teaching to maintain your well-being. This meditation retreat is aimed at couples or individuals seeking to explore or enhance their meditation practice.

    Limited places only