How does a Phuket meditation peace & tranquility retreat look like?

Here you can find the schedule of our Retreats in Phuket. We offer a very relaxed and well-structured program with daily excursions, yoga and meditation. That’s a lot of time to switch off, let go of stress and peacefully find your center. Below you can read more


We begin every morning with our famous morning excursions. We visit a beautiful location out in nature, have a cup of tea, receive the teachings of this particular day, take a deep breath and meditate together with the rising sun. For many guests, this is the highlight of the day. Once we have arrived at the location, we will start the day with a guided meditation and after that we will offer specific instructions relevant to the day. Once the teachings come to an end our teacher will be available for private interviews. You can also simply relax and enjoy the sunrise, the beaches, the lush forests and the fresh morning air.


Every morning we offer private interviews and tuition. Should you have any specific challenges or difficulties, please don’t hesitate to make use of this option. During these talks, you receive individualized tasks, practices, guidance, and support – depending on the issue you are currently working on. You might experience personal issues, trauma and hardship that you don’t want to discuss in a group setting (afternoon Q&A for example). This is why our teacher has decided to offer one-on-one tuition to help you personally with your challenges.


We offer different Yoga classes every day in the afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:30pm. The classes will help you to open your body to release pent-up energy and create better circulation. Thus they help with healing, mental clarity and a general sense of physical well-being and ease. The classes are designed in a way to help you sit and cultivate a good meditation posture. The Yoga we offer is perfectly suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. The teachers will respect your level and can help you to progress individually due to smaller group sizes.


Realise a feeling of bliss as soon as you step inside our spa. Tension melts away with our extensive selection of massages and reflexology. Specialist Thai treatments alleviate back pain and promote better circulation. Our remedies are devised with your health and wellness in mind, so you can stroll out of the spa rejuvenated, rested and restored!


When you look through our schedule you will find a lot of free times during the day. These times are unsupervised and unguided. The idea is to rest and relax deeply. Exposure to natural light throughout the day or take naps, watch the clouds pass by, enjoy the pool, have a cup of tea, meditate and contemplate as your heart desires. We encourage rest and non-distraction. This means that you should avoid entertainment and big activities during the retreat. This will help you to completely reset and de-stress in just 4 days.